Our Impact on the Earth

There is not a single day when each one of us makes a long lasting and irreversible impact on our environment. We have to make ourselves responsible, answerable and accountable for the impact.

Mother earth needs you, restore her ecological balance now

Which side you want to stand:  with those who are happily destroying the natural resources in the name of development and insatiable consumerism; or you will stand against this unsustainable practice and will act to restore the ecological balance?

Donate a day’s salary of each month of this year to make yourself an active contributor of the organization.

The upcoming clan of environmentalists: To expand the horizon of our work, we are looking for environment scientists, policy experts and other professionals who can share the expertise from their respective geographical location of convenience.

Let’s do your bit to save the planet!

What you can do now

It’s the only home we’ve got in the whole solar system, and it’s high time to protect from disintegrating it into a non-habitable planet. We need to unite against the forces of destruct ions – be it a small community or corporate giants – which are posing serious threats to our only home. “The single biggest threat to our planet,” as alarmed by the late Steve Irwin, famously called The Crocodile Hunter, “is the destruction of habitat and along the way loss of precious wildlife. We need to reach a balance where people, habitat, and wildlife can co-exist – if we don’t everyone loses … one day.”

  • Opt for clean energy option while making energy related decision in your life.
  • Re-design your lifestyle to reduce the usage of fossil fuel consumption, especially for travelling purposes.
  • Proactively support those who are fighting with the super power of the world to reduce pollution.
  • Go for sustainable land use while relocating, designing and constructing commercial or residential properties.
  • Be an environmental activist either on the Social Media or in a street; it’s better if you are both.
  • Let your children know the ecological disasters, counsel them on how to prevent the further collapse of the environment, and help them to do their bit to increase awareness among their peer groups.

Become an effective environmentalist through commitment to the cause chosen by you and supported by climate organizations. After a careful observation of your a year-long work on the ground to serve the cause of environmentalism, the society will induct you as an active member of the organization.

Your have power to change the world, Act Now

Why are we into Environmental issues?

We are all connected; connected with the distant stars, with the minerals found in the earth’s
womb, plants, and we are closely connected with the animal world.


Can we snap the connection with the biosphere and still survive?

There are two systems on the earth, Human society and Nature. So far, especially since the onset of the age of industrialization, human is treating nature as its’ own property – without minding the impact and exploitation. This short-sighted and greedy practice has infected the planet – like an organism—never before and changed its climate and warmed the atmosphere.

As we destroy nature, we are actually speeding up the process of human extinction. In the past, with other species, the reasons were external, but this time it’s a self-inflicted if the alarming extinction happens.

We have decimated the ecosystem beyond repair. Every day, each one of us are doing this on a smaller scale but large corporations and transcontinental business empires are doing on a much larger scale. If we fail to act immediately then our future generation would be cursing on us and they would be feeling sorry for our passive attitude.


What do you think is the most extraordinary issue in the world today?

It’s not terrorism, as projected by the greedy politicians and state managed media house; it’s neither the threat of onset of a nuclear war among super powers of the world: rather, its climate change, due to manmade global warming, escalated through the mindless activities of two and half centuries of industrial civilization.

We have woken up too late. The current debate should not be around whether the climate change has happened or not or how hyped the global warming is. The urgent concern of the governments should be to take the immediate measures to reduce the green house gasses in our atmosphere.


What is the matter of immediate concern for SHARE organization?

We, a small tribe of environmental enthusiasts, are deeply disturbed by the man-made environmental disaster which is causing Ecological imbalances and Global Warming. The shared present and combined future of our children looks bleak and worrisome; a few environmental organizations and hundreds of scientists have already pressed the panic button that the ecology is dying faster than we had expected earlier.


Biggest issue: the fast ticking population bomb

The present world’s population of 7.7 is growing fast to reach 8.6 billion in 2030 and by the 2050, it would be 9.8 billion. This added burden of human will increase carbon footprints exponentially, and would fasten further warming of the planet. Our solution to this alarming issue is simple but self-sacrificial. Are we ready for this?

Instead of giving birth to a new child, we should be adopting the already born babies – don’t add more burden to the earth, instead try to lessen the overpopulated world.

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Actions you can take now

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